Example Gemfiles for Rails 3.2 by Daniel Kehoe. Figure 1.6.3: Bootstrap-sass Gem information.

Foundation and Rails by Daniel Kehoe. Examples of companies using Rails include Github, Airbnb, Kickstarter, and General Assembly. Rails is a framework that's used by startups and large companies across the globe.

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Last updated 21 February 2013 . The Sass-Rails Github talks about a little about glob @import feature, but doesn't talk at all about @import being the new *= require.Which one or combo :( do I use? Foundation 5.2 and Rails. How to set up a Rails application with Zurb Foundation. Figure 1.6.5 shows the readme file in the Github page. Twitter also used Rails in its early days.

Figure 1.6.4 shows the page that we will redirect to after we visit Source Code’s link. The problem is that I need to reference images in my Sass, but Rails calculates image URLs. Until Rails 3.0, the asset pipeline was available only via third-party libraries such as Sprockets. It gives CSS the kind of structure and convention that makes Rails popular for back-end development. Zurb Foundation provides a standard grid for layout plus dozens of reusable components for page elements such as navigation, forms, and buttons. As we learn Rails, we'll notice that it adheres to specific ideas. SASS Asset Pipeline ActiveRecord ... Ruby on Rails.
See Installing Rails 3.2 for detailed instructions and advice. Do note that some of the Gems will not be compatible with the Ruby or Rails version that you use. John Mcdowall offers some useful advice about Gemfile Best Practices. Ich habe eine elegante, Rails-ähnliche Art herausgefunden.

@import "<%= asset_path("highlight_js/github") %>"; Warum können Sie … .scss Sie .scss Ihre .scss Datei in .scss.erb und verwenden Sie dann die folgende Syntax (Beispiel für das CSS-Asset highlight_js-rails4 gem): . I have a Rails 3.1 project with the asset pipeline working great. Figure 1.6.4: Bootstrap-sass’s Github page.

At the top of this article, it says *= require directives, are no longer needed using Sass-Rails, just use @import instead. Specifically... Convention over Configuration. I am generally confused about Rails 3.2, Sprockets, and Compass. Here are example Gemfiles for typical applications built with Rails 3.2. Rails 3.1+ provides support for Sass by default, which has become popular among the Rails community.